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Mid 1998, the publisher Uccello released its first Djingalla CD with 24 instrumental pieces recorded by Ensemble Rossi under the musical direction of Henner Diederich.

The ideas for the compositions of this music, which is recorded with a variety of instruments, derive from the melodies of many European countries and dance rhythms such as samba, tango, tarantella or cha-cha-cha.

The arrangements were further inspired by movement ideas such as the dance on Walpurgis Night, different characters or the changing speed of a train.

There are instrumental pieces for walking, running, jumping, swinging, dancing, playing, experimenting and relaxing, which - due to their clear structure and rhythmic versatility - are equally suitable for beginners and experienced dancers. 


DJINGALLA has become a well-known term for many dance instructors, sports and music teachers - as well as in kindergartens, primary schools, in elderly care and in music therapy.

So far, seven CDs and two books have been released.


"I am listening to a CD and the music trickles through me like a great festival of all nations.

Sounds and rhythms that invite you to dance, to jump or to swing...beautiful and unique!"

Konstanze Keller (Leseweis) about Djingalla 



CD Djingalla 1


Musical emphasis:

Music for precise jumping

Different dance rhythms

Contrasts in motion: Hectic and slow motion, cats and mice, ritardando and accelerando


CD Djingalla 2


Musical emphasis:

Music in three-four time

Music for sneaking and running

Specific dance forms


CD Djingalla 3


Musical emphasis:

Various even bars from Europe

Various odd bars from Europe

Specific dance forms from Europe


CD Djingalla | The Fourth


Musical emphasis:

Different musical characters and rhythms within the individual pieces


CD Djingalla | Dance and Song 


Musical emphasis:

A colourful mixture of European folk songs for dancing and singing

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