Djingalla 3

In December 2008, the "green" Djingalla CD with 23 songs arranged by Henner Diederich was released.

It has a wealth of instrumentally recorded odd bars from 3/8 to 15/16. There are also live recordings of even bars and composite bars with a variety of instruments. Thanks to the musical diversity of this CD, rhythmic education and movement education take on a new dimension.

The CD contains both traditional dance music as well as new compositions in a folkloristic style, which demonstrate the variety and beauty of the different European rhythms in addition to stimulating your own ideas for movement.


Advanced dancers can expand their movement repertoire by creating basic movements and movement combinations to many different tempos.

In addition, the music can be used to introduce beginners in music and dance to new listening and simple movement experiences!


Musical emphasis:

Various even bars from Europe

Various odd bars from Europe

Specific dance forms from Europe




1. Csardas Parchovian
2. Bourrée a quatre
3. Irinka
4. None such
5. Cantec de pe punte
6. moldawisch 5/8
7. Tarantella Tortorella
8. James Connolly
9. Girliceanca
10. Syrtos Oduros
11. Simchat He´amel
13. Dere geliyor dere
14. Sinka Sandor Csardas
15. Mombar
16. Bistriska Kopanica
17. Schweizer Marsch
18. Wechselbad
19. Krivo Sadovsko Horo
20. Look for the Seven
21. Bucimis
22. Zigeuner Dur
23. Junge mit Tambura


Duration 59 minutes


ISBN 978-3-3937337-38-8

16,90 €

All age!


Djingalla 3
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CD Djingalla 3

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